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“One of the Most Hellish Planets” Is, Surprisingly, Not Earth (It's Kepler 78b, Natch) | Vanity Fair.pdf2013-10-30 23:36 166K
Astronomers Find Earthlike Planet, but It’s Infernally Hot - 18:32 85K
Astronomers at Queen's University Belfast measure Earth-sized planet outside our solar system - 18:32 80K
Astronomers left baffled by an 'impossible' planet - Skymania News.pdf2013-10-30 23:35 208K
Charred Earth Hugs Star - News from Sky & Telescope - 18:45 124K
Earth-like planet discovered 700 light years away - Telegraph.pdf2013-10-31 09:34 188K
Earth-like planet where years are only 8.5 hours long | Mail Online.pdf2013-10-30 23:36 322K
Evil twin planet makes other Earths likely - space - 30 October 2013 - New Scientist.pdf2013-10-31 09:34 226K
Exoplanet Discovered to Be Earth-Sized and Covered in Lava - Wired Science.pdf2013-10-30 18:45 264K
Hellish exoplanet has Earth-like density and composition | Ars Technica.pdf2013-10-30 18:32 247K
It's the most Earth-like alien planet yet -- except for the 3,680 degrees - 23:35 177K
Kepler 78b 'Most Earth Like Planet' Is Insanely Hot Hell-World.pdf2013-10-31 09:34 260K
Kepler 78b exoplanet is Earth-like in mass and size.pdf2013-10-30 18:32 191K
Planet Kepler-78b is just like Earth, but 2000 degrees hotter.pdf2013-10-30 23:36 322K
QUB’s starring role in discovery - Belfast Newsletter.pdf2013-10-31 09:34 154K
Queen's team size up mysterious planet - UTV Live News.pdf2013-10-30 18:46 295K
Scientists discover 'Earth-like' planet 700 light years away - Mirror Online.pdf2013-10-30 23:35 257K
Space oddity - how St Andrews team helped make history with Kepler-78b | Herald Scotland.pdf2013-10-30 18:46 306K
Strange 'Lava World' Is Most Earthlike Exoplanet Yet | 18:32 422K