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In May 2014 we hosted the Seeing the Universe Exhibition in the Great Hall at Queen's. From Saturday 17th May until Saturday 24th May almost 2,000 members of the public, students and school children came along to see how astronomers use the largest and most advanced telescopes ever built to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

About the exhibition

The exhibition featured stunning science images and interactive exhibits, including:

  • Scale models of ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), The James Webb Space Telescope and the Herschel Space Observatory.
  • Hands-on exhibits including seeing the invisible, adaptive optics and micro autonomous robots
  • An interactive control desk providing details on the full spectra of wavelengths used by astronomers
  • An 8 metre interactive wall featuring an 'astronomical wow facts' screen, interactive touchscreen and a large 3D screen.
  • Historical science papers from the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) & the Thomas Harriot trust

The exhibition was manned by astronomy students and young researchers from Queen's, explaining the exhibits and answering any questions.

Evening events

There were also three evening events free of charge

  • Saturday 17th May, 7:00pm. "Seeing stars: science and education with big telescopes" - public lecture by Professor Paul Roche (University of South Wales). Larmor Lecture theatre, main campus, Queen's University Belfast.
  • Tuesday 20th May, 7:00pm. "Ask an Astronomer" event - public question and answers with astronomers from the QUB Astrophysics Research Centre. Canada Room, Lanyon building, main campus, Queen's University Belfast.
  • Thursday 22nd May, 7:00pm. "The last and the next 100 years in astronomy" - public lecture by Dame Professor Jocelyn Bell-Burnell (University of Oxford). Larmor Lecture theatre, main campus, Queen's University Belfast.

Lunchtime lectures

Each lunchtime from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd Dr. Robert Ryans of the Astrophysics Research Centre gave one of his entertaining lectures on The Science of Sci-fi Weapons. There were four individual lectures and a different one was be given each day, each lasting about 35 minutes. Lectures were held at 1pm in the Bell Lecture Theatre in the Main Physics Building.

The ARC-team

Emma explaining the refraction of light

Some school pupils working with the interactive displays

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