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This webpage contains a compilation of resources that can be used by school teachers and students interested in learning about Astronomy and other areas of Physics.

Useful websites & resources

General Physics

Physics Careers

Association of Science Educators Talk 2015 - Rosetta & GCSE Science

The powerpoint slides for this talk can be found here (Warning - 88 MB file)

European Space Agency movies are not are not included in the slideshow, but can be freely downloaded from ESA:

* Rosetta's journey * How Philae landed on the comet * Ambition * What Rosetta and Philae did (Cartoon)

Physics Teachers Conference 2014

Particle Physics

If you attended a particle physics masterclass at Queen's, these links will direct you to both the software/data and instructions on how to perform the analysis. Note that the exercise performed at QUB may not have been exactly that described on the website:

  1. Using W-boson decays in the LHC ATLAS detector to test the standard model of particle physics

If you are a teacher, you may order free posters and booklets about particle physics.

Astronomy & Space

The Sun

Real-time pictures from telescopes and satellites.

Solar System

International Space Station (ISS)


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