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Astrophysics Work Experience Programme 2016

From 27th–29th January 2016 a number of A-S level students attended our first ever Astrophysics Work Experience programme at Queen’s University Belfast. As part of the programme, they had the opportunity to work with real astronomical data to determine the luminosity of a supernova, the rotational period of a Kuiper Belt Object and the size and density of an exoplanet. Real Astrophysics!

In addition to these short research projects, the students also enjoyed a tour of the astrochemistry lab at Queen’s and learnt about the various different areas of research carried out within the Astrophysics Research Centre. The students also got a flavour of the life of an astronomer by meeting with and listening to talks given by academic staff at ARC.

The weather on Friday also co-operated for a while, and the participants had the chance to see our nearest star, the Sun, through a special solar telescope.

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