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Astronomy in the CCEA AS Specification

In December 2016 we ran a workshop on the new astronomy content of the AS specification for CCEA. 52 teachers attended from schools around Northern Ireland. Below we link to Microsoft powerpoint slides and word documents used in the workshop.

Slideset 1: Main slideshow presentation, including background (part 1), The Hubble Law (part 2), interpretation (part 3). These slides can be used for self reference or adapted for use in the classroom. Powerpoint file size 11.9 MB

Slideset 2: Common Questions slides. These list and give answers to some of the more common questions from students. Powerpoint file size 0.7 MB

Slideset 3: Worksheet slides. Slides accompanying the worksheet exercise.Powerpoint file size 0.8 MB

Worksheet: Table of galaxies with distances, wavelengths, velocities, and redshifts only partly completed. Word document file size 0.5 MB

Worksheet: Completed table of galaxies with distances, wavelengths, velocities, and redshifts. Word document file size 0.5 MB

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