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On this page you will find a list of ARC members and their contact details. Obviously if you are planning to visit ARC you should first contact the people who you are planning to see to ensure the information here is current, as people don't always remember to update the wiki if they move office…

In the tables below telephone extension numbers are given - to call from outside QUB you should dial (028)9097 XXXX where XXXX is the four digit. The email addresses below should have added to them.

The postal address for ARC is: Astrophysics Research Centre, School of Mathematics and Physics, Main Physics Building, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, County Antrim, BT7 1NN, United Kingdom.

We also have instructions on getting to QUB and finding ARC within the campus.

Name Office Phone email
Academic staff Prof. Francis Keenan
Director of ARC
02.017 3281 f.keenan
Prof. Stephen Smartt FRS MRIA
ERC Advanced Grant 2012-2017
02.018 3588 s.smartt
Prof. Alan Fitzsimmons 02.026 3573 a.fitzsimmons
Dr. David Jess
STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow
02.016 3052 d.jess
Dr. Peter Keys 02.034 3045 p.keys
Prof. Mihalis Mathioudakis 02.015 1339 m.mathioudakis
Prof. Tom Millar MRIA 02.020 2557 tom.millar
Dr. Ryan Milligan 02.012 3465 r.milligan
Dr. Ernst de Mooij 02.011 6365 e.demooij
Dr. Meg Schwamb 02.014 5046 m.schwamb
Dr. Stuart Sim 02.019 1461 s.sim
Prof. Chris Watson
Deputy Head of School
02.013 1421 c.a.watson
Emeritus staff Prof. Philip Dufton 02.030 3389 p.dufton
Dr. Kanti Aggarwal 02.033 3088 k.aggarwal
Support staff Dr. Robert Ryans
Systems Administrator
02.025 3369 r.ryans
Research staff Dr Stefano Antonellini02.032 1921 s.antonellini
Dr. Grigori Fedorets 02.033 3088 g.fedorets
Dr. Samuel Grant 02.030 3389 samuel.grant
Dr. Stevanus K. Nugroho 02.033 3088 s.nugroho
Dr. S. Krishna Prasad 02.030 3389 krishna.prasad
Dr. Aaron Reid 02.030 3389 aaron.reid
Dr. Jamie Robinson 02.032 1921 jrobinson72
Dr. Luke Shingles 02.029 1412 l.shingles
Dr. Shubham Srivastav 02.029 1412 s.srivastav
Dr. Ken Smith 02.029 1412 k.w.smith
Dr. David Young 02.029 1412 d.r.young
Visiting fellows Dr. Larry Denneau l.denneau
Dr. Neale Gibson n.gibson
Dr. Mark Magee mark.magee
Dr. Kate Maguire kate.maguire
Dr. Bernhard Mueller b.mueller
Dr. Simon Prentice s.prentice
Dr. David Kuridze d.kuridze
PhD students Laura Buchanan 02.010 lbuchanan14
Fionntann Callan 02.010 fcallan02
Peter Clark 02.010 pclark02
Christine Collins 02.010 ccollins22
Jean Costes 02.010 jcostes01
Christopher Dillon 02.010 cdillon06
Michael Fulton 02.010 mfulton07
Daniel Gay 02.010 dgay01
Mandy Hewitt 02.010 hhewitt01
Scott Houston 02.010 shouston22
Dominik Kiersz 02.010 dkiersz01
Conor MacBride 02.010 cmacbride01
Owen McBrien 02.010 omcbrien02
Matt McCollum 02.010 mmccollum08
Stephanie Merritt 02.010 smerritt01
Aaron Monson 02.010 amonson01
David O'Neill 02.010 doneill955
Niall Owens 02.010 nowens09
Sean Quinn 02.010 squinn433
James Robinson 02.010 jrobinson72
Richard Smith 02.010 rsmith2003
Robert Wells 02.010 rwells02
Shannon Matthews 02.010 smatthews13
James Gillanders 02.010 jgillanders01
Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar 02.010 cgilchristmillar01
Ryan Campbell 02.010 rcampbell55

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