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Finding observations of events by both Hinode/EIS and IRIS

  • Submitted by: David Williams - UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory
  • Authors: D.R. Williams
  • Session: Monday morning posters.

In addition to spectrally resolving flows and other dynamic processes in the corona, Hinode/EIS has unique temperature coverage that allows it to image and diagnose coronal conditions in open-field areas, the quiet Sun and active regions. IRIS has complementary spectral and imaging coverage in the neighbouring transition region and chromospheric temperature regions. Each instrument, however, has a focused field-of-view and the two have varying requirements on telemetry: this means that simultaneous, co-spatial observations cannot always cover all targets of the many areas of interest that exist. Thanks to an abundance of metadata availability, however, it is possible to find datasets of observations by both EIS and IRIS, and we present here a new tool for doing just this, with some worked examples.

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