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The characteristics of eruptions found by EruptionPatrol

  • Submitted by: Neal Hurlburt, Lockheed Martin ATC
  • Authors: N. Hurlburt
  • Session: Monday afternoon posters.

Identifying and characterizing motions near the solar surface are essential to advance our understanding the drivers of space weather. A method for automatically identifying eruptions near the solar surface (either from filaments or otherwise) has recently been developed and integrated into the Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase. Here we present a survey of eruptions identified by the EruptionPatrol module run over five years of SDO/AIA 304Å images. Over two thousand eruptions were identified with velocity ranging from 4-120km/sec and sizes from 20 to 300Mm. These surveys can then be used to proved a richer context for eruptions observed by Hinode/SOT and IRIS.

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