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Breakout reconnection observed by the TESIS EUV telescope

  • Submitted by: Anton Reva, Lebedev Physical Institute
  • Authors: Reva A.A., Ulyanov A.S., Shestov S.V., Kuzin S.V.
  • Session: Monday afternoon posters.

We present experimental evidence of the CME breakout reconnection, observed by the TESIS EUV telescope. The telescope could observe solar corona up to 2 solar radii from the Sun center in the Fe 171 A line. Starting from April 8, 2009 TESIS observed an active region, which had a quadrupolar structure with an X-point 350 Mm above the photosphere. A reconstructed from the MDI data magnetic field also has multipolar structure with an X-point above the AR. On April 9 at 21:45 UT the loops near the X-point started to move away from each other with velocity approximately 7 km/s. On April 10 at 01:15 UT a bright stripe appeared between the loops, which we interpret as an evidence of a breakout reconnection. At 05:00 UT the loops below former X-point started to slowly move up. At 15:10 UT the CME started to impulsively accelerate, while at the same time a flare arcade formed below the CME. After 15:50 UT the CME moved with constant velocity. The CME evolution precisely followed the breakout model scenario.

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