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Positive-feedback system in 3D resistive MHD reconnection

  • Submitted by: Shuoyang Wang, University of Tokyo
  • Authors: S. Wang, T. Yokoyama, H. Isobe
  • Session: Tuesday morning posters.

Magnetic reconnection is considered to be a fundamental energy release process that could be applied to explain eruptive phenomenon like solar flare, which is an important research target in Hinode observation.

We solve the 3D resistive MHD equations in a periodic box to understand the basic reconnection process in a current sheet with small uniform guide field. Multiple tearing layers emerge across the current due to the initial random perturbed velocity field. Small diffusion regions on different layers build a positive-feedback system that accelerates the local reconnection, which gradually results in a global fast reconnection.

We then apply two rotational-symmetric tearing eigenmodes onto the same box to have a clearer picture. We find that in addition to the positive-feedback system built by the diffusion regions, coupling of the flux tubes across the current sheet also creates smaller size of diffusion region that contributes to the positive-feedback system further.

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