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Coronal Velocity Fields near an Impulsive Hard X-ray Source Located above Soft X-ray Flare Loops

  • Submitted by: Hiroshisa Hara, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  • Authors: H. Hara & L. Glesener
  • Session: Tuesday afternoon posters.

We report coronal velocity fields near an impulsive hard X-ray source located above soft X-ray flare loops in an eruptive solar flare that occurred near the east limb. The flare was observed by multiple spacecrafts, Hinode, SDO, STEREO, and RHESSI with the Nobeyama radio heliograph. We have found fast bi-directional hot outflows supporting magnetic reconnection from Hinode EUV spectroscopic observations and a hard X-ray source from RHESSI at the impulsive phase. The outflow speed of ~1,000 km/s along the flow structure has been found from EIS Doppler observations and the 3D geometry from stereoscopic imaging observations of SDO and STEREO. The hard X-ray source appears to be located at the interface between hot outflows and soft X-ray loops. The hot flare emission lines are largely broadened at the interface with the corresponding ion kinetic temperature of 140 MK. We discuss the dynamics around the loop top region at the early impulsive phase of the eruptive solar flare based upon the EUV line spectroscopy.

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