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The Plasma Structure of a Long-lasting Sigmoid as Revealed by Hinode and Magnetic Field Modeling

  • Submitted by: Antonia Savcheva, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • Authors: A. Savcheva, D. Baker, P. Young, L. Green
  • Session: Tuesday afternoon posters.

We present multi-thermal observations from Hinode/XRT and EIS plasma diagnostics over a large part of the lifetime of a long-lasting sigmoid observed between Dec 05 and Dec 07, 2007. This region is the best observationally covered sigmoidal region by XRT and EIS simultaneously. We analyze EIS/XRT thermal maps as well EIS Doppler velocity, density and non-thermal (NTW) width maps in conjunction with non-linear force-free field (NLFFF) models constrained by the XRT data. For example, we show that material accumulates in the dips of twisted flux rope field lines, the temperature is enhanced at the locations of strong current concentrations in the model, and NTWs are enhanced at the outskirts of the region coinciding with large-scale QSLs that envelope the region. We follow the evolution of these plasma parameters and the filed lines from the best-fit NLFFF models in time and space leading to the flare on Dec 07, 2007.

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