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Shock Waves Generated by Magnetic Reconnection as a Driver of Solar Surges

  • Submitted by: Heesu Yang, Seoul National University
  • Authors: H. Yang, J. Chae, E. Lim, K. Lee, H. Park, D. Song, and K. Cho
  • Session: Tuesday afternoon posters.

Solar surge is a jet associated with the magnetic reconnection in the lower atmosphere. We analysed seven surges observed using Fast Imaging Solar Spectrograph installed in New Solar Telescope at Big Bear Solar Observatory in 2013 and 2014. We found that the surges consist of multiple shock features. Each shock is shown abruptly at the blue wings of the Ca II 8542A line and Ha line with the sudden appearance of an absorption features. After then, it moves to the red wings. A case study shows that the shock features appeared to have 110s intervals. It is much shorter than the duration of each shock features, 300-400s. We also found the signature of the magnetic flux cancelations at the base of the surge. Our result represents that the multiple shocks may not be originated from a sinusoidal waves generated by oscillations and flows in the photosphere. We conjecture that the multiple shocks might be generated by the magnetic reconnection that occurred in the low atmosphere in association with the flux cancellation.

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