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MHD Waves and Fast Maps

  • Submitted by: Aimee Norton, Stanford University
  • Authors: A. Norton, C. Baldner, P. Scherrer
  • Session: Wednesday morning posters.

We present results from a coordinated observation between Hinode SOT/SP and IRIS with complementary data from SDO/HMI. The purpose of the observations was to search for signatures of MHD waves in fast map data. Penumbral and umbral data of AR 12186 were taken on 11 Oct 2014 (see HOP 272). Hinode SOT/SP recorded ~6 hours of fast maps using a 15-step raster repeated at a faster than 60 second cadence. IRIS scanned an 8 x 120" area with a 43 second cadence. IRIS was rolled 72 degrees in order to ensure spatial overlap with Hinode. We use the HMI vector magnetogram and Dopplergram data to study the dynamics in the larger FOV of the sunspot and surrounding area.

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