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Detection and Characterisation of Pulsations in Solar Flares

  • Submitted by: Laura Hayes, Trinity College Dublin
  • Authors: L.A. Hayes, P.T. Gallagher, B.R. Dennis, J. Ireland, A.R. Inglis
  • Session: Wednesday afternoon posters.

Pulsations and oscillations are a common feature of solar flare emission, and are often observed simultaneously over a wide range of wavelengths (radio, EUV, and X-ray) and time scales (seconds to minutes). They are typically identified in X-ray and radio observations from instruments such as RHESSI and Nobeyama. To date, the characteristics and causes of these phenomena remain the subject of much debate. We have therefore developed a number of techniques to characterise these pulsations in a large sample of flares, taking into consideration the power law power spectrum of the flare time series. Furthermore, we have also performed a multi-instrument study to search for correlations of these pulsations across different energies using GOES, PROBA2/LYRA, SDO/ESP, and RHESSI. These observations give us an insight into the characteristics of quasi-periodic pulsations across a range of temperatures and may provide a way of understanding the nature of flaring plasmas.

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