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Stokes profiles and plasma properties of Magnetic Bright Points

  • Submitted by: Rebecca Hewitt, Queen's University Belfast
  • Authors: R. Hewitt
  • Session: Wednesday afternoon posters.

Magnetic Bright Points (MBPs) are manifestations of small-scale highly magnetic fields on the quiet solar surface. Their ubiquitous nature means these small features affect the Sun on a global scale. The evolution of MBP Stokes parameters and plasma properties were investigated using 3D magneto-hydrodynamical simulations. Our results are consistent with theoretical predictions and published observations describing convective collapse, and confirm this as the bright point formation process. This work is complemented by NICOLE inversion outputs from observational IBIS and SST data allowing for a statistical study of MBPs. Performing inversions on simulated photospheric profiles also allowed us to investigate the ideal conditions for the inversion of small-scale quiet Sun spectro-polarimetric profiles.

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