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The Tale of Two Corona Features: Characterizing Flows Associated with Solar Prominences and Supra-Arcade Downflows

  • Submitted by: Michael Freed, Montana State University
  • Authors: M. Freed
  • Session: Thursday morning posters.

Observations taken from SDO/AIA, Hinode/XRT, and Hinode/SOT show clear indications of fluid motion in the plasma sheets associated with quiescent prominences and supra-arcade downflows (SADs). These observed flows are measured using a local correlation tracker and then characterized by examining their kinetic energy and enstrophy power spectral densities. The spectral analyses indicate a power-law relationship holds for both corona features, but the spectrum is harder than those produced from either a Kolmogorov or Iroshnikov-Kraichnan theory of turbulences. A closer examination of the velocity distributions will also be used to indicate how diffusive the motion is in these structures.

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