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EUV & X-ray observations of microflare heating of AR12333

  • Submitted by: Paul Wright, University of Glasgow
  • Authors: P.J. Wright, I.G. Hannah.
  • Session: Thursday morning posters.

We present a preliminary study of Solar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (SDO/AIA) as well as Hinode’s X-ray Telescope (Hinode/XRT) operating in a higher cadence mode, switching through the five thicker filters. The Hinode observations were a coordinated campaign with the NuSTAR hard X-ray focusing optics telescope (Harrison et al. 2013). NuSTAR was conducting a full disk mosaic observation of the Sun and caught AR12333 several times, providing imaging spectroscopy >2keV. We investigate the heating in the active region due to several small microflares (about A1-Class). These were visible with the thicker XRT filters and only clear in EUV once the FeXVIII component was extracted from SDO/AIA 94Å, indicating strong heating >3MK. Using the regularized inversion method of Hannah & Kontar 2012, we recover the DEM from the SDO/AIA and XRT data and compare this to the thermal characteristics derived from NuSTAR.

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