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  • Submitted by: Dipankar Banerjee, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
  • Authors: D. Banerjee, T. Samanta & V. Pant
  • Session: Thursday afternoon posters.

We examine the role of small-scale transients in the formation and evolution of solar coronal plumes. We study on-disk and polar plumes by combining imaging and spectroscopic observations. With the high spectral and spatial resolution of IRIS, we identify the source of these oscillations and try to understand what role the transients at the foot points can play in sustaining the coronal plumes. We also use the SOT data to focus our study on the origin of these transients. These transients may be also responsible for the generation of propagating disturbances within the plumes which are observed to be propagating to larger distances as recorded from multiple AIA channels. These propagating disturbances can be explained in terms of slow magnetoacoustic waves.

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