Solar System Group Meetings

All meetings take place on Thursdays at 1:00pm and nominally last 1 hour. Sandwiches not provided so bring your own lunch :(

The Group

Journal Club Meetings

People spend a minute or two saying what they've been doing over the past week. After this one person introduces a recent paper, putting up a few slides giving the background and main results from the paper. The group then fawns over it or tears it to shreds, depending on how much we like it.

Papers are selected by the person listed on the rota. Rules are papers must have been published within the last 6 months. Astro-ph papers are eligible. No self papers. People should email the paper link to everyone the Monday or Tuesday before the meeting.

Important: If someone will be away for their slot, arrange a swap with someone and change this wiki.

Group Roundup Meetings

About every couple of months , everyone prepares some slides/figure or two on something they've been working on the past month, and chats about it for 5-10 minutes to the rest of the group.

Date Location Paper Presenter
19 December 2019 MPTC Room 02.002 General Roudup
9 January 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 General Roudup
23 January 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 Grigori Fedorets
6 February 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 Alan Fitzsimmons
20 February 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 Dominik Kiersz
5 March 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 Meg Schwamb
19 March 2020 MPTC Room 02.002 Rick Smith
2 April 2020 Online Meg Schwamb
16 April 2020 QUB closed QUB even more closed
30 April 2020 Online Laura Buchanan
14 May 2020 Online Jamie Robinson
28 May 2020 Online Alan Fitzsimmons
11 June 2020 Online Dominik Kiersz
25 June 2020 Online Meg Schwamb
9 July 2020 Online Rick Smith
23 July 2020 Online General Roudup
6 August 2020 Online Laura Buchanan
20 August 2020 Online Jamie Robinson
3 September 2020 Online EPSC practice runs
17 September 2020 Online Grigori Fedorets
1 October 2020 Online EPSC 2020
15 October 2020 Online Alan Fitzsimmons
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