ARC seminar programme

The ARC seminars are held on Wednesdays between 3 and 4 p.m. in DBB/0G/005 (unless stated otherwise), with refreshments available from 2:50 p.m.-ish. For further information contact Dr. Rubina Kotak at <>.

Seminar abstracts are available for the most recent talks.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker Title
2016 Sep. 28 Dr. Ondřej Pejcha (Princeton University) The Rugged Landscape of the Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
2016 Oct. 05 Dr. Michele Bannister (QUB) The New Shape of the Outer Solar System
2016 Oct. 12 Dr. Thomas Greve (UCL) High redshift [CII]158micron observations - it's all the rage these days but how to make sense of it?
2016 Oct. 19 Rachel Booth (QUB) Ages of Exoplanets and their Host Stars: Extending the Age-Activity Relationship
2016 Oct. 26 Professor Marten van Kerkwijk (Uni. of Toronto) Pulsar Scintillometry: using the interstellar medium to elucidate where giant pulses arise
2016 Nov. 02 Dr. Andrew Casey (IoA, Cambridge) Data-driven models for stellar astrophysics
2016 Nov. 16 Matthew Hooton (QUB) Thermal Inversions in Hot Jupiters
2016 Nov. 23 N.B. DBB/01/006 Dr. Jeronimo Bernard-Salas (OU) Organic Circumstellar studies with the James Webb Space Telescope
2016 Nov. 30 Dr. Donnacha Kirk (UCL) Cosmic Web to Cosmology
2016 Dec. 07 Dr. Sibasish Laha (QUB) Quasar evolution and outflows in X-ray
2016 Dec. 14 Dr. Lorraine Hanlon (UCD) cancelled
2017 Jan. 18 Dr. Thomas Ertl (MPA Garching) Modelling Neutrino-Driven Supernova Explosions Across the Stellar Mass Range
2017 Jan. 25 Dr. Michael Marsset (QUB) Surface composition and internal structure of 
Main-Belt Asteroids
2017 Feb. 01 Dr. Karen Masters (Portsmouth) Galaxy Evolution in a Zoo of Galaxies
2017 Feb. 08 Dr. Meghan Gray (Nottingham) STAGES: Galaxy evolution and environment
2017 Feb. 15 Tom Seccull (QUB) TNO Surface Reflectance Spectra: Evidence for the Presence of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
2017 Feb. 22 Daniel Gay (QUB) Theoretical Modelling of Supernovae Spectra and Lightcurves
2017 Mar. 01 Dr. Philip Lucas (Herts) Extreme infrared variable sources in the Galactic plane
2017 Mar. 08 Dr. Elizabeth Stanway (Warwick) Exploring the properties of star formation with observations and models
2017 Mar. 15 Dr. Emily Petroff (Astron) Detection and follow-up of fast radio bursts
2017 Mar. 22 Prof. Alan Harris (DLR-Berlin) The Pros and Cons of Asteroids: A Thermophysical View
2017 Mar. 29 (Bell LT) Dr. Shiho Kobayashi (LJMU) tbd (IoP seminar)
2017 Apr. 12 Professor Geoff Clayton (LSU) Pulsations and Declines in R Coronae Borealis
2017 Apr. 17-28 Easter Break
2017 May 10 Dr. Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (Warwick) Rediscovering the Milky Way with Gaia white dwarfs
2017 May 17 Ondřej Procházka (QUB) Emission Mechanism of White-light Solar Flares
2017 Jun. 07 Dr. Olja Panic (Leeds) cancelled
2017 Jun. 14 Dr. Niall Deacon (Herts.) TBD

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