ARC seminar programme

The ARC seminars are held on Wednesdays, the venues and times are given below. A 1 hour speaker + graduate student/postdoc discussion will follow. ARC seminars are organized by our 2nd year graduate students. For any questions, suggestions, or comments contact the ARC seminar team faculty liaison Dr. Meg Schwamb (

Upcoming Seminars

Date Speaker Title Venue
21-Sep-2020 - PhD Student Job Search Discussion 2pm Virtual
30-Sep-2020 Dr. Tom Rees-Crockford (QUB) 2pm Virtual
7-Oct-2020 ARC ARC Research Jamboree and New PhD Student+ Staff Meet & Greet 2pm-4pm Virtual
14-Oct-2020 Dr. Grigori Fedorets (QUB) 2pm Virtual
21-Oct-2020 Dr. Stephanie Yardley (St. Andrews) 12pm Virtual
4-Nov-2020 Dr. Matt Nicholl (University of Birmingham) 2pm Virtual
11-Nov-2020 ARC All Meeting ARC All Meeting 2pm Virtual
9-Dec-2020 Ryan Campbell (QUB)/James Gillanders (QUB) 2pm Virtual

Past seminars

2-Oct-2019 New MSci and PhD Student Meet & Greet New MSci and PhD Student Meet & Greet IRCEP, 2pm (refreshments provided)
9-Oct-2019 ARC Research Jamboree ARC Research Jamboree Bell, 2pm
16-Oct-2019 Dr. Ernst de Mooij (QUB) Characterising the Atmospheres and Circumplanetary Environment of Exoplanets Bell, 2pm
23-Oct-2019 Prof.Jorick Vink (Armagh Observatory) Finding the Biggest Star in the Universe Bell, 2pm (lunch with speaker provided from 12:00pm in IRCEP)
30-Oct-2019 Dr. Ryan Milligan (QUB) Lyman-alpha Variability During Solar Flares Bell, 2pm
6-Nov-2019 Prof. Chris Lintott (University of Oxford) From Galaxy Zoo to LSST : Citizen Science in the age of big data Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
13-Nov-2019 cancelled cancelled
20-Nov-2019 Dr. Brett Morris (Universität Bern) The Effects of Stellar Magnetic Activity and Variability on Observations of Exoplanets Bell, 3pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
27-Nov-2019 Dr. Michele Bannister (QUB) At the edge of the unfathomable: insights from small worlds into planetary systems Bell, 2pm
4-Dec-2019 Ryan Campbell (QUB)/James Gillanders (QUB) Small-scale inter-network magnetic fields in the quiet solar photosphere / Spectroscopic Modelling of the Fast Transient SN2018kzr Bell, 2pm
11-Dec-2019 Dr. Matteo Brogi (University of Warwick) Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution Bell, 2pm (due to IRCEP bookings, a lunch off campus will be scheduled with the speaker)
15-Jan-2020 Sean Quinn (QUB)/ Jean Costes (QUB) Searching for Upper-Atmospheric Responses to Sunquakes/Understand thy stars, understand thy planets Bell, 2pm
22-Jan-2020 Dr. Shubham Srivastav (QUB) ATLAS discovery of a faint Iax supernova Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 3pm
29-Jan-2020 Shannon Matthews (QUB) /Mandy Hewitt (QUB) Doppler Tomography for the Characterisation of Exoplanet Atmospheres/Simulating Spectropolarimetry for Accretion Disk Winds Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 3:30pm
5-Feb-2020 Aaron Monson (QUB) & Michael Fulton (QUB) Northern Ireland Science Festival Planning Session Bell, 2pm
12-Feb-2020 Dr. Antonia Bevan (UCL) Cosmic Dust: Are we still in the dark? Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
19-Feb-2020 ARC ALL MEETING ARC ALL MEETING Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:30pm in IRCEP)
26-Feb-2020 Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar (QUB) /Chris Dillon (QUB) Magnetoacoustic Wave Energy Dissipation in the Atmosphere of Solar Pores / Statistical Signatures of Nanoflares: a Nanoflare Explanation for Periodic Brightening in Flare Stars Bell, 2pm
4-Mar-2020 Dr Sophie Murray (Trinity College Dublin) Forecasting Solar Eruptions Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
11-Mar-2020 Dr. Andreas Sander (Armagh Observatory) Next-generation stellar atmospheres and the crucial role of Wolf-Rayet stars Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
18-Mar-2020 cancelled cancelled Bell, 2pm
25-Mar-2020 Dr. Agata Rożek (University of Kent) Asteroids in 3D! (Asteroid shape modelling from light-curve and radar data) virtual, 2pm
1-Apr-2020 Dr. Nick Heavens ( Space Science Institute) Dusty Deep Convection and Mars’s 2018 Global Dust Storm virtual, 2pm
8-Apr-2020 Prof. Matt Kenworthy (Leiden Observatory) Looking for the transits of circumplanetary disks virtual, 2pm
15-Apr-2020Dr. Hwihyun Kim (Gemini Observatory) Where the wild things are - a tale of searching for young star clusters in nearby star-forming galaxies virtual, 2pm
22-Apr-2020Dr. Vivian U (UC Irvine) The Growth and Merger of Supermassive Black Holes virtual, 2pm
29-Apr-2020 Dr. Peter Scicluna (ESO) Early results from the Nearby Evolved Stars Survey virtual, 2pm
6-May-2020 Dr. Meg Schwamb (QUB) Exploring Mars with 150,000 Earthlings virtual, 2pm
13-May-2020Dr. Darryl Wright (University of Minnesota) Machine Learning Augmented Citizen Science for Exploration of Astrophysical Datasets virtual, 2pm
20-May-2020Christine Collins (QUB)/ Radiative transfer simulations for type Ia supernovae /Virtual Industry Job Discussion virtual, 2pm
27-May-2020Dr. Stuart Sim (QUB) Modelling thermonuclear supernovae: how to blow up a white dwarf star virtual, 2pm
3-June-2020- Virtual Academic Job Discussion virtual, 2pm

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