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ARC seminar programme

The ARC seminars are held on Wednesdays, the venues and times are given below. Refreshment will be provided after seminar in the IRCEP room. RC seminars are organized by our 2nd year graduate students. For any questions, suggestions, or comments contact the ARC seminar team faculty liaison Dr. Meg Schwamb (

Upcoming Seminars

Date Speaker Title Venue
2-Oct-2019 New MSci and PhD Student Meet & Greet New MSci and PhD Student Meet & Greet IRCEP, 2pm (refreshments provided)
9-Oct-2019 ARC Research Jamboree ARC Research Jamboree Bell, 2pm
16-Oct-2019 Dr. Ernst de Mooij (QUB) Characterising the Atmospheres and Circumplanetary Environment of Exoplanets Bell, 2pm
23-Oct-2019 Prof.Jorick Vink (Armagh Observatory) Finding the Biggest Star in the Universe Bell, 2pm (lunch with speaker provided from 12:00pm in IRCEP)
30-Oct-2019 Dr. Ryan Milligan (QUB) Lyman-alpha Variability During Solar Flares Bell, 2pm
6-Nov-2019 Prof. Chris Lintott (University of Oxford) From Galaxy Zoo to LSST : Citizen Science in the age of big data Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
13-Nov-2019 cancelled cancelled
20-Nov-2019 Dr. Brett Morris (Universität Bern) The Effects of Stellar Magnetic Activity and Variability on Observations of Exoplanets Bell, 3pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
27-Nov-2019 Dr. Michele Bannister (QUB) At the edge of the unfathomable: insights from small worlds into planetary systems Bell, 2pm
4-Dec-2019 Ryan Campbell (QUB)/James Gillanders (QUB) Small-scale inter-network magnetic fields in the quiet solar photosphere / Spectroscopic Modelling of the Fast Transient SN2018kzr Bell, 2pm
11-Dec-2019 Dr. Matteo Brogi (University of Warwick) Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution Bell, 2pm (due to IRCEP bookings, a lunch off campus will be scheduled with the speaker)
15-Jan-2020 Sean Quinn (QUB)/ Jean Costes (QUB) Searching for Upper-Atmospheric Responses to Sunquakes/Understand thy stars, understand thy planets Bell, 2pm
22-Jan-2020 Dr. Shubham Srivastav (QUB) ATLAS discovery of a faint Iax supernova Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 3pm
29-Jan-2020 Shannon Matthews (QUB) /Mandy Hewitt (QUB) Doppler Tomography for the Characterisation of Exoplanet Atmospheres/Simulating Spectropolarimetry for Accretion Disk Winds Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 3:30pm
5-Feb-2020 Aaron Monson (QUB) & Michael Fulton (QUB) Northern Ireland Science Festival Planning Session Bell, 2pm
12-Feb-2020 Dr. Antonia Bevan (UCL) Cosmic Dust: Are we still in the dark? Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
19-Feb-2020 ARC ALL MEETING ARC ALL MEETING Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:30pm in IRCEP)
26-Feb-2020 Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar (QUB) /Chris Dillon (QUB) Magnetoacoustic Wave Energy Dissipation in the Atmosphere of Solar Pores / Statistical Signatures of Nanoflares: a Nanoflare Explanation for Periodic Brightening in Flare Stars Bell, 2pm
4-Mar-2020 Dr Sophie Murray (Trinity College Dublin) Forecasting Solar Eruptions Emeleus Lecture Theatre, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
11-Mar-2020 Dr. Andreas Sander (Armagh Observatory) Next-generation stellar atmospheres and the crucial role of Wolf-Rayet stars Bell, 2pm (lunch provided at 12:00pm in IRCEP)
18-Mar-2020 cancelled cancelled Bell, 2pm
25-Mar-2020 Dr. Agata Rożek (University of Kent) Asteroids in 3D! (Asteroid shape modelling from light-curve and radar data) virtual, 2pm
1-Apr-2020 Dr. Nick Heavens ( Space Science Institute) Dusty Deep Convection and Mars’s 2018 Global Dust Storm virtual, 2pm
8-Apr-2020 Prof. Matt Kenworthy (Leiden Observatory) Looking for the transits of circumplanetary disks virtual, 2pm
15-Apr-2020 Hwihyun Kim (Gemini Observatory) virtual, 2pm
22-Apr-2020Prof. Vivian U (UC Irvine) virtual, 2pm
29-Apr-2020 TBD virtual, 2pm
6-May-2020 TBD virtual, 2pm
13-May-2020Dr. Jamie Robinson (QUB) virtual, 2pm
20-May-2020Christine Collins (QUB)/Owen McBrien (QUB) Bell, 2pm
27-May-2020Dr. Stuart Sim (QUB) Bell, 2pm
3-June-2020 Steph Merritt (QUB)/ Rick Smith (QUB) Non-detection of TiO and VO in the atmosphere of ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b/ Bell, 2pm

Past seminars

Date Speaker Title Venue
2018 Oct. 03 Dr. Bitten Gullberg (Durham) High-resolution ALMA imaging of SMGs Seminar room, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:30pm
2018 Oct. 10 Dr. Sam Grant (QUB) Alfvén Wave Dissipation in the Solar Chromosphere Larmor, 3pm
2018 Oct. 17 Dr. Simon Prentice (QUB) Concerning type Ibc supernovae Emeleus, 3pm
2018 Oct. 24 Owen McBrien (QUB) ATLAS Shrugged: The search for gravitational wave counterparts with an asteroid survey Emeleus, 3pm
2018 Oct. 31 Christopher Dillon (QUB) A Nanoflare Explanation for Periodic Variations in Flare Stars -- A Solar Physicist's Adventure in Single Pixel Land Emeleus, 3pm
2018 Nov. 07 Dr. James Matthews (Oxford) The origin of the highest energy particles in the universe: A "Whodunnit" Emeleus, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2018 Nov. 14 ARC ALL MEETING
2018 Nov. 21 Dr. Patrick Antolin (St. Andrews) Transverse Wave Induced Kelvin-Helmholtz Rolls in Spicules Larmor, 3pm
2018 Nov. 28 Dr. Julie Wardlow (Lancaster) Unveiling extreme dusty star-formation in the distant Universe Emeleus, 3.30 pm
2018 Dec. 05 Dr. Tamara Rogers (Newcastle) Internal Gravity Waves in Massive Stars Seminar room, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:30pm in IRCEP
2018 Dec. 12 Dr. Rosita Kokotanekova (ESO) Revealing the Evolution of Comet Nuclei with Ground Photometric Observations MAP OG.006, 3pm
2019 Jan. 16 Dr. Donna Rodgers-Lee (Hertfordshire) Energetic particles and star formation Bell, 3pm
2019 Jan. 23 Prof. Peter Coles (Maynooth) Wave Mechanics and Cosmic Structure Larmor, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 Jan. 30 Dr. Kerri Donaldson Hanna (Oxford) Taking the Temperature of Solar System Airless Bodies: Insights from the NASA’s LRO and OSIRIS-REx missions Emeleus, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:30pm
2019 Feb. 13 Dr. Penny Wu (QUB) von Karman decay and intermittent dissipation in Corona and solar wind plasmas Emeleus, 3pm
2019 Feb. 20 Sean Quinn (QUB) How the Chromosphere responds to a flare-initiated Sunquake Emeleus, 3pm
2019 Feb. 27 Dr. Ed Gillen (Cambridge) Understanding the early stages of stellar and planetary system evolution Larmor, 3pm
2019 Mar. 06 Richard Smith (QUB) Revisiting the HST archive: the search for Transneptunian Binaries (and more!) Seminar room, 3pm
2019 Mar. 08 Prof. Peter Bernath (ODU) Molecular Astronomy: Cool stars and exoplanets Larmour, 10am
2019 Mar. 13 Dr. Stevanus Nugroho (QUB) Characterisation of Exoplanet Atmosphere using High-resolution Spectroscopy: Searching for TiO Signature in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b Larmor, 3pm
2019 Mar. 20 Jamie Wilson (QUB) CANCELLED Larmor, 3pm
2019 Mar. 27 Dr Leigh Fletcher (Leicester)Exploring the Atmospheres of Uranus and NeptuneLarmor, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 Apr. 03 Jean Costes (QUB) Larmor, 3pm
2019 Apr. 10 Dr. Emmanuel Jehin (Liege) TRAPPIST: a robotic telescope to study planetary systems Bell, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 Apr. 15 Dr. Marc Buie (SWRI) Exploring the outer solar system: A window into our past Bell, 1pm
2019 Apr. 17 Prof. Dipankar Banerjee (IIA) Century-Long, multi-wavelength solar database from Kodaikanal solar observatory Bell, 11am
2019 May 01 Dr. Tyrone Woods (Birmingham) Supernova Archaeology: Reconstructing the environments of Type Ia remnants to reveal their progenitors Larmor, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 May 15 Dr. Catherine Walsh (Leeds) The chemistry of planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA Larmor, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 May 22 Christine Collins (QUB) Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer for Type Ia Supernova Bell, 3pm
2019 May 29 Dr. Joseph Masiero (JPL/NASA) NASA's NEOCam mission, an overview Bell, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP
2019 June 5 Dr. Abhishek Srivastava (IIT BHU) Localized Plasma Flows and Jets Coupling the Solar Atmosphere Bell, 1pm, lunch provided from 12:15pm in IRCEP

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