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 |SDO/​EVE ​ |No| |SDO/​EVE ​ |No|
 |IRIS            |No  | |IRIS            |No  |
-|Publications ​  ​|[[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2013SPD....44...67F|Fletcher et al. 2013]] [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2015ApJ...798..107K|Kowalski at al.2015]]|+|Publications ​  ​|[[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2013SPD....44...67F|Fletcher et al. 2013]][[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2015ApJ...798..107K|Kowalski at al.2015]]|
 <WRAP center round download 50%> <WRAP center round download 50%>
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