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 |Publications ​  ​|[[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2013A%26A...552A..55K|Kuridze et al. 2013]] ​   | |Publications ​  ​|[[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2013A%26A...552A..55K|Kuridze et al. 2013]] ​   |
-<WRAP center round download ​50%>+<WRAP center round download ​60%>
 |[[https://​star.pst.qub.ac.uk/​webdav/​public/​fchroma/​2010-11-06/​|Download ground-based formated data]]| |[[https://​star.pst.qub.ac.uk/​webdav/​public/​fchroma/​2010-11-06/​|Download ground-based formated data]]|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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