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 |End|15:​37:​00| |End|15:​37:​00|
 |Ground based telescope|DST ((PI: Lucia Kleint, ​ [[mailto:​lucia.kleint@fhnw.ch|lucia.kleint@fhnw.ch]]))| |Ground based telescope|DST ((PI: Lucia Kleint, ​ [[mailto:​lucia.kleint@fhnw.ch|lucia.kleint@fhnw.ch]]))|
-|Ground based instruments/​wavelengths|IBIS|+|Ground based instruments/​wavelengths|[[IBIS]]|
 |Solar Monitor|[[http://​www.solarmonitor.org/?​date=20111010|Yes]]| |Solar Monitor|[[http://​www.solarmonitor.org/?​date=20111010|Yes]]|
 |TRACE ​ |No| |TRACE ​ |No|
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