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 ===== Printing ===== ===== Printing =====
-As of early June 2018 the printing system ​in Fedora 28 will not work with the QUB staff and student print servers. The only option known to work is to use the Everyone Print system available at https://​www.qub.ac.uk/​webprint+MFDs are located on the ground and first floors ​in Main Physics, and MSci students are not //​currently//​ charged to use these devices - however use is recorded ​and suspected abuse will be investigated. Don't be the person who ruins things for everyone. The computers list mono and colour queues for staff and students - use whichever is appropriate.
-If you log in to the web print site and click on the **Driver Print** tab you will see a [[https://​www.qub.ac.uk/​webprint/​driverprint.cfm?​platform=linux|link]] ​to instructions on how to add the QUB print queues to Linux systemClick on the **Linux** link and from there click on **Simple Direct**. Follow the instructions there on how to add the printers using the CUPS [[http://​localhost:​631/​|web interface]].+In Fedora 28 there are issues with print authentication,​ which means things don't work as well as they should. In principle ​the computer should be able to use your QOL credentials from logging into the computer to talk to the print servers, but that is broken, and despite lodging ​bug report in July it has not been fixedThis means you'll need to manually authenticate at times.
-MFDs are located on the ground and first floors in Main Physicsand MSci students are not //currently// charged ​to use these devices ​however use is recorded and suspected abuse will be investigatedDon't be the person who ruins things for everyone.+If you try to print from one of the GUI appslike LibreOffice,​ or Firefox, you'll see a popup like this: 
 +[{{ :​public:​teaching-linux-systems:​printer_popup.png?​nolink&​500 |Print dialog password popup.}}] 
 +Enter the username as **ads\studentno** - replacing studentno with your student number. The password is your QOL password. Click the //Remember Password// check box; that should mean you won't have to do this again for that printer. 
 +If you try to print from the command line, or some older applications,​ you will instead see a popup which advises that credentials are required: 
 +[{{ :​public:​teaching-linux-systems:​credentials-required.png?​nolink&​500 |The alert for a program which is not aware of modern printing systems.}}] 
 +Clicking on the alert will take you to the printers control panel, where you will see the list of jobs waiting for authentication 
 +[{{ :​public:​teaching-linux-systems:​printers_dialog.png?​nolink&​500 |The main printer control panel, prompting for your credentials.}}] 
 +Click on the blue **Authenticate** button and enter your username and password as above; note that this dialog does not offer to save your credentials,​ so you'll have to authenticate each time. If this gets tedious you may want to alter your workflow to print to PDF, and then use the PDF reader application to print.
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