Radiative free-bound (recombination) transitions rates.

Often, the situation is that we have a total rate as function of temperature, then specific rates (to various levels), also as function of temperature. The level-specific rates should be linked to the corresponding photoionisation cross sections by the Milne relations, but this has not strictly been enforced (i.e. sometimes two difference sources for photoionization and recombination are used). This strictly prevents recovery of LTE in the limit of radiative rates dominating ionisation/recombination, but is not a huge issue in the nebular phase where that limit is usually far away.

The difference between the total rate and the sum of the specific rates is allocated to the model atom states between the highest specific state and the highest state.

Mg I (Mg II + e --> Mg I) Latest doc J15a

Total rate : Badnell+2006 (radiative) and Nussbaumer & Storey 1986 (dielectronic).

Specific rates : From Milne relations applied to TOPBASE cross sections (first 30 multiplets)

Fe I (Fe II + e --> Fe I)

Total rate : Nahar+1997 (through her webpage) (J11)

Specific rates: Nahar+1997 (through her webpage) (J11). 42 multiplets implemented, covering levels 1-352 (with some gaps).

Fe II (Fe III + e --> Fe II)

Total rate : Nahar+1997 (through her webpage) (J11)

Specific rates : Nahar+1997 (J11), 42 multiplets, goes up to level 381 (with some gaps).

Specification of other atoms to be added…

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