Dr. Samuel Grant

I am a research fellow employed in conjunction with the Solar Physics group and Randox Laboratories. The collaboration centres around Randox's successful toxicology machines, used worldwide in various diagnostic situations. Through the adaptation of image processing techniques developed in a Solar Physics context, the imaging products of these machines can be improved upon, to provide more robust results in the field without users requiring advanced knowledge of the products under use.

My Ph.D. was awarded by Queen's University Belfast in January 2017, under the supervision of Dr. David Jess, titled 'High Resolution Wave Signatures in the Magnetic Solar Atmosphere'. My solar research interests revolve around high-frequency Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) waves in the lower solar atmosphere, and their influence on energy transport and plasma heating above the chromospheric temperature minimum. To this end, I work extensively with data from the Rapid Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere (ROSA) imaging system and the Interferometric Bi-dimensional Spectropolarimeter (IBIS), based at the Dunn Solar Telescope, NM, USA. Allied with this, I have experience in the application inversion techniques to DST data products, and magnetic field extrapolations to SDO/HMI data to characterise the parameters of the underlying plasma that such waves propagate through.


There is an American Ph.D. student with an annoyingly similar name to mine, so ADS searches get cluttered up with galactic papers. Below you can find my publication list, along with my online science profiles.


Other Interests

Most weekends of the year I can be found on a field somewhere in the Belfast area playing some sort of sport

  • Cricket - I spend too much of my summer at Cregagh Cricket Club, and have spent multiple years there captaining sides and moonlighting as vice-chairman. I also sit on the Domestic Cricket Directorate of the Northern Cricket Union, tasked with the efficient running of the game across much of Northern Ireland
  • Rugby - My winters are foolishly spent with Grosvenor Rugby Club, frequenting local hospitals as often as any pitch

Contact details

  • phone - (+44)(0) 28 9097 3088
  • address - Astrophysics Research Centre, School of Mathematics & Physics, Queen's University, Belfast, BT71NN, UK
  • twitter - @sdtgrant
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