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Image credits

Below are credits for the images used on the homepage. Images used on other pages on the wiki are the responsibility of the page authors!

The research area and outlook icons were mostly chosen by myself on the basis of how they looked, rather than any deep meaning.

  • Extra-solar planets - ESO image of an artists impression of the exoplanet GJ1214b
  • Solar physics - NASA image of a solar prominence observed with SOHO/EIT
  • Supernovae - ESO image of an artists impression of a type Ia supernova
  • Molecular astrophysics - ESO image of part of the ALMA array
  • Hot stars - ESO image of the Orion nebula
  • Solar system - selected by Alan Fitzsimmons; ESA image of asteroid (21) Lutetia.
  • Outreach - taken by ARC's Dr Ernst de Mooij

The Hinode 9 image is a combination of a solar image by ARC alum Dr Kevin Reardon using ROSA cameras, and a schematic of the Hinode satellite.

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