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Ciaran will be based in bottom floor corner office (Heather/Pedro/Philip's room) during the day

For these specific sessions, meet in the coffee room at these times and then you can decide where is the most appropriate place to go.

10am - meet in coffee room, general introductions


10.30 - Mihalis Mathioudakis

11.00 - Wes Fraser

11.30 - Chris Watson

12.00 - ERC start grant session Neale/Kate/Katja

14.00 - Marie Curie fellowship Q&A (for QUB students and postdocs who are interested in applying to go elsewhere)

14.45 - Marie Curie fellowship Q&A (for QUB staff who are interested in attracting postdocs to come and apply here)

15.30 - Stephen Smartt

16.00 - Any other specific requests

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