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UKRI STFC Introductory Course in Astronomy for New Research Students

Monday 27th August 2018 – Friday 31st August 2018

Astrophysics Research Centre, School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen’s University Belfast

Course objectives

In August 2018, Queen's University Belfast will host the UK Research and Innovation Science & Technology Facilities Council (UKRI STFC) Introductory Course in Astronomy for New Research Students. An objective of the Course is to provide new research students in astronomy with an introduction and overview to research topics of major current and future interest to the UKRI STFC-funded community in the UK. This will allow students to acquire some understanding and appreciation of research fields in addition to those they will be investigating as part of their graduate studies. Another objective is to provide new students with the opportunity to interact with each other, and also with lecturers who are leaders in their research field.

As well as providing an introduction to UKRI STFC astronomy research, the Course includes talks on career advice, public engagement activities in astronomy (of particular importance due to the popularity of astronomy with the general public, including children), unconscious bias in science and gender issues, and the impact of UKRI STFC research beyond astronomy.

Talks online - available here


Further information

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