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Ken Smith

Supernova group software developer

My main work is as a Software Developer with the Supernova Group. I work primarily with ingesting daily difference image detection catalogue data from the Pan-STARRS1 Telescope into a MySQL database, producing contextual classification of potential transient objects by crossmatching them with (10^9 rows of) locally ingested catalogue data. During the last year I've been also working on using Harvard's Photpipe pipeline to produce difference images and catalogues for the ATLAS Telescope. These catalogues are also being ingested into a contextual classification database.

I've produced a web interface to help users select and prioritise objects for followup, based also on obtaining "postage stamps" of the objects of interest.

PS1 TSS Developments

I'm currently working on developing the Transient Science Server for the PS1 project. For details of what I'm currently doing, see here.

ATLAS Developments

Photpipe Spiral 1 tasks - produce diff catalogs from input ucam 4K images and test recovery efficiency of fake asteroids - are almost complete. Development spiral 2 will start on 9th Feb 2015. The ATLAS 10K camera has arrived, so new images for photpipe to test will be available soon.

PESSTO Developments

I'm currently working with Dave Young, developing ingester scripts and cone searching tools to feed the PESSTO Marshall.

VAMDC Developments

For VAMDC, I was responsible for developing the "node software" for the UMIST Database for Astrochemistry. I'm also responsible for providing tools for harmonising molecule identifiers (InChIs) across the ~22 databases in VAMDC. The VAMDC work is currently parked, pending new funding and/or handover to a new person. See what's currently on the menu for VAMDC here.

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