Classifying LSQ Targets Earlier

Dave Young, QUB, June 15, 2015

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1. Data Products: from April 2013 - April 2014
(the second year of PESSTO Operations)

2. Catalogues: from August 2011 - April 2014 (first two years of PESSTO Operations)

- first release attempt 16th Feburary 2014
- second release attempt 26th May 2014

  1. Technically the third release as supplemented SSDR1 spectral data with sofi imaging (creating release 2).  ↩

Data Products

SSDR2 Data Breakdown
SSDR2 Data Breakdown

EFOSC Images

can be found at


798 EFOSC spectra & 22 SOFI spectra (820 total)

396 distinct objects (SSDR1&2 Total = 682)


411 EFOSC & 22 SOFI Spectra
43 Science Targets (42 SNe, 1 AGN)

spectra table 1 spectra table 2


Transient Catalogue

  • 557 PESSTO Targets from August 2012 - April 2014
  • FITS Binary and Excel - (on Github)


Classification Description
SN Ia type Ia supernova
SN Ib type Ib supernova
SN Ic type Ic supernova
SN Ibc either type Ib or Ic, ambiguous which
SN Ibn type Ib with narrow He lines
SN I type I, but ambiguous whether it should be Ia, Ib or Ic
SN II type II, as evidence by braod H-lines
SN IIP type IIP as good match to well studied II-P SNe
SN IIb type IIb supernova
SN IIn type II supernova, with narrow H-lines
SLSN II superluminous supernova, with hydrogen lines visible
SLSN Ic superluminous supernova, with no hydrogen or helium obvious visible in the optical
Impostor likely giant eruption or non terminal explosion of massive star
AGN active galactic nucleus variability
CV cataclysmicvariablecandidate
Variable star a catch all for any type of variable or transient with zero redshift or negligible radial velocity
Galaxy spectrum dominated by galaxy light
Unknown unable to classify (e.g. the most common examples are blue featureless continuum objects)

  1. also we have TRANSIENT_CLASSIFICATION_PECULIAR_FLAG column to flag odd objects  ↩


  1. NED Classified Extragalactic Source with 25" search radius
  2. NED Unclassified Extragalactic Candidates with 25" search radius
  3. SDSS DR12 Spectroscopic Sources with 25" search radius
  4. SDSS DR12 Photometric Sources with a 25" search radius
  5. NED Classified Extragalactic Source with a 100" search radius

Multi-photometry Catalogue

  • FITS Binary and Excel - (Github Repo)
  • Photometric lightcurves for a total of 18 objects.
    (PESSTO targets for which follow-up lightcurves have been completed)
  • ~1000 rows

Classifying LSQ Targets Earlier

> pm_import_lsq_transients -h
    Master CL-Tool to import the LSQ transients into the PESSTO Marshall. This command will:

    - imports new transient discoveries from LSQ's first pass, before forced photometry is 
    performed. Lifted straight from LSQ database.
    - adds a history log entry for when the LSQ object was added to the Marshall.
    - imports any new forced photometry data for LSQ objects straight from the LSQ database 
    (overwriting old, non-forced photometry in Marshall)
    - downloads and caches image stamps for new LSQ objects to Marshall webserver
    - refreshes the cache of the LSQ lightcurve gifs on Marshall webserver
    - adds comments from LSQ webpages to objects in the Marshall database


  • ESO SSDR2 with be released very soon
    (but if you want the data sooner you can download from PESSTO pages/Github)
  • We will start to help LSQ out with by screening their candidates (300–600/night)
  • Can we speed up LSQ forced photometry processing?