the VLt survey of massive stars in the galaxy and magellanic clouds

"The VLT-FLAMES Survey of Massive Stars was an ESO Large Programme to understand rotational mixing and stellar mass loss in different metallicity environments, in order to better constrain massive star evolution. We gathered high-quality spectra of over 800 stars in the Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds. A sample of this size is unprecedented, enabled by the first high-resolution, wide-field, multi-object spectrograph on an 8-m telescope. We developed spectral analysis techniques that, in combination with non-LTE, line-blanketed model atmospheres, were used to quantitatively characterise every star. The large sample, combined with the theoretical developments, has produced exciting new insights into the evolution of the most massive stars." : C.J. Evans et al., 2008, ESO Messenger March 2008, Vol. 131, p25)

*New*We have now begun a second survey, again with approved ESO Large Programme status - The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey

Results and Papers 

All Published papers from this survey are available from ADS here (10 published in A&A and one ApJ letter).  The key results are

  1. Summary of results in ESO Messenger ( C.J. Evans et al., 2008, ESO Messenger March 2008, Vol. 131, p25)
  2. Rotation and Nitrogen Enrichment as the Key to Understanding Massive Star Evolution :  (I. Hunter et al. 2007, ApJ, Volume 676, Issue 1, pp. L29-L32)
  3. The empirical metallicity dependence of the mass-loss rate of O and early B-type stars, (R. Mokiem et al., Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 473, Issue 2, October II 2007, pp.603-614)
  4. The intrinsic rotational velocity distribution of O-stars in the SMC (R. Mokiem et al. 2007)
  5. The baseline C,N,O,Mg,Si,Fe abundances of the Magellanic Clouds (Hunter et al. 2006, Trundle et al. 2007)
  6. Atmospheric parameters and rotational velocity distributions for B-type stars in the Magellanic Clouds : (I. Hunter et al. 2007, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 479, Issue 2, February IV 2008, pp.541-555)
  7. Wind properties and evolution of hot massive stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud : (R. Mokiem et al., Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 2007, 465, pp 1003)
  8. Constraints on stellar evolution from chemical compositions of rapidly rotating Galactic and Magellanic Cloud B-type stars : (I. Hunter et al. 2009, A&A, accepted).

Data release - available for download

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