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Postdoctoral job opportunities:

Job   Description  Deadline 
Fellowship programmes:    
PPARC post-doc fellowships 6-8 Astronomy Fellowships per year. UK host institute of your choice 15th October 2004
ESO fellowship programme ~6 in Garching (25% of time on ESO duties), ~6 in Chile (50% of time on ESO duties) 15th October 2004
Marie Cure EU fellowships European host institute of your choice, must NOT be in country of nationality or last ~3 years residence. 
(Must be EU national)
Check Webpage
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships 4yrs funding for young researchers.  Some restrictions on nationality/UK employment history. ~10 per year in Natural Sciences. Used to be for women only, now apparently open to all. Next call likely to have application deadline of February 2005.
Hubble Fellowships  ~12 fellowships (broadly related to HST science) , choice of US  institute  11th Oct 2004
Chandra Fellowships ~5 fellowships (broadly related to Chandra science) , choice of US  institute  4th November 2004
SIRTF Fellowships ~4 fellowships (directlly related to SIRTF science) , choice of US  institute  15th November 2004
UKAFF Fellowships 2 theory fellowships in any UK university No call yet this year, check web pages for changes.
US University Fellowships  Many independent fellowships adervtised,  institute dependent Check AAS now for Oct 2004 start
UK University Postdocs/Felloships Mostly defined postdocs advertised in UK, but some have fellowship type flexibility Adverised on AAS and STARLINK at various times.
Observatory Support:    
ESO support astronomers and staff ~50% or more of time on ESO duties, 
Garching, Paranal, La Silla
Various, check link regularly
UKGemini Support Unit ~50% of time on support, based in UK Oxford  Various, usually  advertised widely.
Gemini Support Astronomers and fellows Various jobs with support and fellowship opportunities (~40% research) Various, check AAS and Gemini websites. 2 fellowships now available
ING Support Astronomers, La Palma 50-75% of time on ING duties Advertised on
Anglo-Australian Observatory Support Astronomers 50-75% of time on AAO duties Advertised on
ESA scientists  Usually science/technology or support combined Various, check link
IAC Fellowships  (Tenerife)  ~6 per year, some support required (astronomical or software)  Usually September, check IAC pages
American Astronomical Society (AAS) Job Register  General listings of world-wide astronomy jobs. Largest source of vacancies. Updated first of each month.  
STARLINK Jobs page General listing of UK and Europe (mainly) astronomy jobs.
Good source of UK PDRA positions
RAS Jobs lisiting Limited numbers of jobs, most also advertised on AAS and STARLINK, email notification rather than continuous list.  
European Astronomical Society Job Listings Most jobs already on AAS or STARLINK, but some European postdocs unique to this site.  
UK post-doc salary scales Current pay levels - new postdocs start on Spinal Point 4-6. Also see general AUT page.  
Astrophysics job rumour mill Rumours of who's been offered what  

Any comments or additional useful sources that I have missed, please let me know.